DIY with Bamboo Living: Make Your Own Rain Chain

Written by Angela Sugar

Rain chainRain chain on my bamboo bungalow.

This past spring, with the help of many, I created my tiny bamboo paradise on a piece of land I call Aka’ula (Hawaiian for red sunset). Adding to the thrill and challenge of being a first-time owner-builder, the build process was documented by a TV production company. The episode (episode 3!) chronicling my Tiny Bamboo Bungalow build aired on HGTV’s Tiny Paradise on July 10, 2017. One of my favorite parts of being involved with the show was being encouraged to add some unique features to my home. (Well, I call it one of my favorite things now that it’s all over – it felt like a lot of pressure at the time!) One idea I came up with was to make my own rain chains. Since the show aired, lots of folks have asked me about them. For those folks and for those of you who haven’t even heard of a rain chain, here you go.

What is a rain chain?

The purpose of a rain chain is to direct rainwater from your gutter to the ground. In many cases, a PVC pipe does that job, especially if the goal is to collect the water. However, if the water doesn’t need to be gathered, a rain chain is an aesthetically pleasing option to lead the rain from your roof to the earth, reducing unnecessary splashing while creating a calming, fountain-like feature for your home.

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